ARTI RE   captive  

With the aim of improving financial insurance and surety business...

Our team, which has worked in various positions on risk management, provision of project guarantees and financial insurances in international projects since 1991, came together under the roof of the captive in order to present their expertise. Therefore let's call Arti Re captive as art of insurance and reinsurance. 


Our goal is to offer surety and financial insurances with the cooperation of insurance/reinsurance companies and banks.  

Experience of our team:
Since 1991 / Served to > 600 Projects / Total Contract Value > USD 34B / Total Bond Value > USD 9.5B

Arti Re captive team is able to perform all technical studies and coordination of reinsurance agreements on a treaty or facultative basis in the field of surety and financial insurances. In this context, the team provides the following services between the surety customers and surety partners:

-Analysis of contractor’s financial statements, business plan and the risks of contracts between owner, contractor, JV, lender.

-Reporting of contractual risks to all interested parties.

-Underwriting works of requested bonds comprehensively.

-Wording of facility agreements and bonds due to the contract terms.

-Placement to re/insurance companies, banks and/or other financial companies.

-Coordination of issuing the construction bonds.

-Management of assets given as collateral.

-Communication with the contractor throughout the year.

-Inspection by periodic site visits to prepare status report showing how the company has achieved its objectives.

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